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ANGELS INFLUENCERS is a non-profit initiative that aims to support and give visibility to any project aimed to social assistance, with the intention of improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged sectors, at the same time this action generates positive content on the network to mitigate the effects of an insecure digital environment.

Our main function is to spread the goodness, acting as messengers of causes aimed to protection of living beings and  environment. Promoting  all the times a responsible use of  technologies and making the user be aware that the improvements and advances of our society are necessary as long as they do not imply the loss of values and "humanization".

Our desire is to create a social conscience based on good intentions, respect and solidarity, providing support and cooperation to other organizations and private or collective initiatives that carry out charitable activities, giving them all our support and dedication to travel together the hard way to achieve their objectives .

The ANGELS INFLUENCERS Organization is registered in the National Registry of Associations of Spain GROUP 1, SECTION 1, NATIONAL NUMBER 618452.

Formed by the President, the Secretary of the Board and the Manager, its function is executive, making decisions on all aspects of the operation of the Organization. Its function is to ensure compliance with the foundational purposes, assess the task performed, approve the management and appoint executive positions.

Defines and monitors the lines of work of the Organization, specified in strategic plans. It is formed by representatives of all professionals and the governing board.

Its members investigate and subsequently advise on the creation of products and campaigns. They carry out the necessary studies to ensure the effectiveness of the applications and technological products as well as the veracity of the content of the social marketing campaigns.

It is formed by representatives of audiovisual, computer and programmer professionals. Its members are in charge of materializing the agreed products and campaigns.

Formed by representatives of all the Organization's professionals, it ensures compliance with the quality policy and coordinates the application of ISO regulations.

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