Thank you for your interest in joining Angels Influencers

Angels Influencers is a non-profit organization that brings together people from all over the world with the aim of spreading messages of peace, love and help to others through the dissemination of content that Angels Influencers will provide on a regular basis.

You have no subscription cost. Nor do we value or dismiss people as future members of our organization because of their social status, beliefs, race, religion or sex. We only look for people who defend goodness, personal values ​​and help towards others. People who have influence over groups, who are aware of their luck and their personal power and who want to make it available to society to improve the world in which we live.

As all the communities we have some basic rules required to successfully develop the function of an "Angel Influencer"

1 / To have more than 18 years and to choose voluntarily to be part of our organization.

2 / Spread the messages of love, peace, and helpfulness of Angels Influencers to society through their social networks whenever possible.

3 / Collaborate in spreading crow finding campaigns to help events and events organized by Angels Influencers with the aim of raising funds for concrete actions with specific objectives for the help of children in need, people at risk of social exclusion and for the fight against diseases , as well as for NGOs that need some help in spreading their causes.

4 / Act and collaborate as messengers in the development of advertising campaigns in order to raise social awareness.

5 / we will not accept or reject immediately any Influencer who:

- Support or praise terrorism, organized crime or groups that promote hatred against any specific person or sector of society. Neither that they are directly or indirectly involved in sexual services or the purchase or sale of firearms and prescription or illegal drugs (even if it is legal in your area), animal abuse or people or offer to buy or sell illegal goods or not regulated. Nor will we accept that they promote gambling, real money skill games or online lotteries.

- resort to violence, threaten or attack someone for reasons of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability or illness.

6 / the term Angel Influencer is a term that can only be used for the promotion of activities, projects and broadcasts that have been indicated by the Angels Influencers organization and under its previous study. Any member or non-member of this community that uses our organization or our name for personal gain will be prosecuted for the appropriate legal actions.

7 / At any time and without prior notice Angels Influencers will be able to eliminate an Influencer from their community, as well as any Influencer will have absolute freedom to resign to be an Angel Influencer at any time. The unique thing that unites to the Influencers with our organization is the own will and the belief that the world can be a better place.

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